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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Leaves at Lake George

Georgia and her husband, Alfred, vacationed during the 1920's at his family's summer home in Lake George, New York. She would explore and hike daily. On those hikes she would find natural objects such as leaves, stones and branches. She adored all living things and their symbols of the changing seasons. She would often take such items as leaves and magnify them to the point of being semi-abstract while adding beautiful paint colors and textures to those leaves.

Here are our intrepretations of our fall leaves.
 My 3rd grade students enlarged the leaves to fit in a
12 x 18 previously painted piece of construction paper.

Students looked at various types of leaves
 before drawing out their leaf shape.

Next, they added various colors of oil pastels to 
create texture on their leaves. 
We looked at color swatches to get ideas of fall colors

and finished with painting
bold lines to represent the veins of the leaf.

Hope your first day of fall is a colorful one!



  1. Love these! You're off to a smashing start of the school year with your O'Keefe landscapes and leaves!

  2. These are stunning. These would make a great display.

  3. Love these. I am so ready for fall here it Texas. Maybe if we paint it it will happen!

  4. These are beautiful. Do you use the fall colour swatches for the "previously painted construction paper"? Does it matter what colour these are?

    1. Yes, I hang up the swatches and explain about analogous colors. Then let them go to town painting. :)