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Sunday, December 9, 2012

5th grade Winter landscapes with textured trees...

We have been busy creating various winter scenes in our art classroom. 
One project that was inspired by my good pal, Ginger, over at Paintbrush Rocket was this beautiful winter landscape.

Students first used shades of blues and purples 

then added white to created beautiful tints on their paintings.

Some students painted stripes and some painted large shapes.

Week 2

Students had to tear a piece of paper to represent horizontal snow then glued to bottom of their painting. 

 Next, students created trees starting by tearing trunks 
then adding branches.

Next, students added delicate snow on the branches
and some delicate snowflakes.

 I just love these and they look stunning hanging 
on the hallway walls at school.

12 x 18 White Paper
Various Tempera paint
Paint Brushes
Scrap paper- Black and white