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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

In the past, a hot air balloon was a common sight to see at local state and county fairs.  We ended our fair unit with 5th graders creating the patterned balloons with analogous liquid watercolor backgrounds. Our inspiration was from Ginger over at paintbrush rocket who's talented students created a beautiful mural containing balloons.

Week 1
We looked at various hot air balloons, then created our shapes. First, students drew the shape of the hot air balloon on 12 x 18 drawing paper.  I did have tracers of balloon shapes that helped them get started and then bold patterns were added in pencil.

Week 2
Next came the painting. We used tempera paints and painted the shapes and patterns, starting with the lightest color and eventually ending with black.  I demonstrated how to clean brushes on the placemats so the students NEVER rinsed their brushes.  The students are pros with this concept and it keeps the paints vivid and opaque. Lastly, students outlined in black tempera paint.

Week 3
Students cut out their balloons then glued them onto the pre-painted watercolor paper.  Once we glued them down, the balloons seemed to really pop!  Next, students added the baskets using oil pastels to created the woven effect and added more painted paper details such as clouds.

These were so fun to see the kids create.  They loved making them and I loved seeing the bright, fun patterns in my classroom! 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheep at the County Fair

Living in a rural area of Ohio, 
the fair is a big thing for little ones.
In fact, they have a junior fair day, an adorable pet land for children to touch small farm animals, 
and a day of low cost rides where everything is $1.00! 

My young artists love creating animals. 
We created pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits and sheep. The sheep were so fun. First, students created a large cloud 
for the shape of the sheep.

 Next, they drew a triangle head and added details such as eyes, ears and legs.

After they drew out their sheep, next came the paint. Students used circle sponges and dipped them into white and black paint to create various shades of gray on the sheep. What a fun process of stamping the paint and seeing the different shades!

They even added little ribbons to their animals boasting that their animal came in first place!

Hope you will find the time to visit your local fair. 
If not, create one in your learning environment.

Materials: 12 x 18 drawing paper
Black and white tempera paint
sponges and brushes

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have done these adorable cows in the past with various background colors but this time I thought I would have the kids create ribbons for their cows.  I had various colors for students to choose for their ribbons but they all choose to have blue
 "1st place" ribbons! 

Week One: Students drew out the cow and painted the shapes in with black paint.

 Week Two: Students used scissors to cut out cows 
then added ribbons.

Here is our inspiration from our local fair.  What a beauty!

Materials: 12 x 18 white drawing paper, small brushes, black paint, oil pastels
Ribbons: 6 x 9 colored paper, sharpies
Background paper is 12 x 18 construction paper 

Class time 40 minutes

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pumpkins at the Fair

I just love fall and the vivid colors that it puts forth. To promote those beautiful colors my 2nd grade classes created these fabulous pumpkins all on their first day of art! 
I love how excited they get when they create fun items
 that represent their lives and experiences. 

In these classes, every kid loves a pumpkin and tempera paints!

 "Krimpart" Pumpkins

 I "suggested" that the students use only 2 colors of tempera paints. 
Well, they chose differently. 
I just LOVE how they turned out and so did the students!  

Color mixing Pumpkins
 These pumpkins were made by another 2nd grade class. I suggested 2-3 colors and boy did they enjoy the blending of analogous colors. Once dry, we discussed the curved lines of a pumpkin. Then they used oil pastels to create the lines and textures on the pumpkins and added crepe paper vines and leaves. 
Again, I am just in love with my 2nd grade classes and 
am so excited to work with these kiddos!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Candied Apples at the County Fair

How many of you have been to your local county fair? 

In Ohio there are so many wonderful county fairs and festivals that my kiddos and I enjoyed. With all the fabulous foods, delightful animals and classic rides, the excitement in the air among the fair goers is contagious. The fair is the local place to gather before the school year starts. My school’s marching band serves chicken dinners and the food vendors put forth an array of delicious desserts. Besides the fantastic funnel cakes, candied apples are a hit with  my students. 
Check out our candied apples made from painted paper! Enjoy!

Second grade artists loved mixing the paints to create a large apple during their first art class of the year. 
The second week, they added the stick and border to their project.

 Construction Paper, Glue, Craft Sticks
Tempera Paint and Large brushes

Another second grade class created 3-Dimensional candied apples. Using a tool called Krimpart, each student 
made an apple out of construction paper.
This pvc pipe crushes paper into a tube spring, then you add a twist tie to make the apple shape. Sticks were added and students quickly painted a color on top of the apple for decoration. 

Our sign displayed with our apples.

 So many of my students attend the fair that I thought I would create a fun unit that related to them.
I hope you have a chance to visit a fair or festival in your state. Stay turned for more county fair projects!