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Monday, April 2, 2012

Art Show Part Two- Murals and More...

 Fine Arts Festival- Fairy Tales and Fables
Part Two- Murals and More

Gnomes, hedgehogs and forest friends- 3rd grade 

 Russian Cottage Windows and Crazy Quilts -4th grade

Babushkas and Crazy quilts- 4th grade

Viking World Mural- 4th grade

 Dragons- 5th grade

 Patterned Landscapes- 5th grade

Little Red Riding Hood- path to Grandma's house- 3rd grade

Monet's Poplars and Bird houses- 3rd grade

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Frog Prince- 2nd grade

 Queen of Hearts- 2nd grade

Castles and Kings and Queens- 2nd grade

 Wise Old Owl- 2nd grade

The Ugly Duckling- 2nd Grade

The Turnip- 2nd grade

 Princess and the Pea- 2nd grade

 6th grade- Monet's Waterlilies

 Cave Paintings- 6th grade
 Egyptian Mummy Cases- 6th grade

 Modern Mondrians-  6th grade

 Goya Trees- 6th grade

Woodland Forest- Art club

Spotted Red Mushrooms- 3rd grade

 Another display of Viking ships- 4th grade

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed the Fine Arts Festival Show