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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Need to use up old tempera paints?

What do you do with paints that need to be used up? 

Make Fall ROY trees!  
(Red-Orange-Yellow) A process over product with success for all!

Start with a blue painted strip glued down, then start painting with yellow and work upwards on the background paper using tempera paints and following the color wheel.
Add various heights of trunks for the trees using oil pastels.

Remember our placemats that keep our tables clean?
have students create large leaves to be hung up around the school.

Another process oriented fun project is to
have students paint zones of colors on long brown craft paper

 then add twisted branches on top

These were hung in the hallways for parent teacher conferences.
What a fun way to promote Art in the building!


  1. What size brush did you use for the top painting? It looks like a stipple brush?

    Also, it looks like you started with red, and worked your way down to yellow. Did you have a different brush in every paint cup?

    Thanks :)

    1. We used "so Big" brushes by Crayola. We glued down the blue strip of previously painted paper then started with yellow to orange then pink and red- blending and overlapping the colors like a forest. We never rinse our brushes, I teach the students not to scoop paint but dip gently into the paint and transfer it to the paper.