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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Branching, Curvy, Twisted Lines

Twisting, curvy, thick and thin.

We looked at various types of trees and 
how branches are formed on them. We also looked at pumpkins and the various colors they come in.

Week one: On 12 x 18 white paper
4th grade students created a horizon line then added a pumpkin patch. Big pumpkins, little pumpkins add them all in the patch. we discussed all of the curvy lines that make up a pumpkin. Next, students created trees with branches coming from the main trunk. First students used pencil 
then outlined everything with a large Sharpie marker.

Week Two: Students first painted, using liquid watercolors, the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch blending their warm colors - yellow, orange and red -on the pumpkins. 

Next the students painted the sky. The last step was to paint the leaves with tempera paint, falling, blowing in the wind.

Our Inspiration:

Our Display in the Hallway


  1. I love these! I love the color, the pattern, the rhythm and movement, everything!

  2. Gorgeous !!!! This is why I love fall :)

  3. Great!!! I'm gonna try this tomorrow with our first graders.

  4. So beautiful- great lesson on line and warm/cool colours. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your blog is so eye catching! I love these, thank you for sharing!