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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Fabulous Fair Alphabet

These are some of my favorite projects all wrapped up into one big thematic unit-The Fair!

I found the most adorable book A Fabulous Fair Alphabet by Debra Fraiser

This is a MUST have book for your library collection 
and if you are a font loving person like I am it will 
send you over the moon with all the type faces and images!

Look at this little guy all covered in mud! 
At our local fair there is a greased pig contest. I am not sure who gets dirtier-the kids or the pigs!

Oink Oink Oink!

Banners from our fair displayed in the hallways.

 Students created signs for all the delicious food at the fair. 

Painted Paper Ice Cream Cones.


Tempera Paint Quilts with Oil Pastel Patterns.

Our fun Fair drawings with liquid watercolors 
over crayon and oil pastel resist. 

Don't you just love the overall graphic design of this fab book!

Tempera painted cows.

Tempera painted sheep.

Please go check out Debra's other books and 
wonderful website here!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I'm going to refer the adults I work with to your post to help them understand they too can make "art"!