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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whoo, Whooo, loves Owls?

I am totally smitten with Owls lately. I would create owls all day long if I could! 
3rd graders created these large owls inspired by Ginger over at Paintbrush Rocket.  
I love these and wanted to put my own spin on her fun project.

 Class One:
First, students used a tracer to create the owl. I know some people don't like using the tracers but this class needed the shape to get them started. 

Next we discussed how to create patterned lines using our scissors. Zig-Zag, Wavy, Straight etc., and then students glued them into the owl's stomach area.

Class 2:
Students created large eyes and placed them on the 
head of the Owl. Next came the beak and claws.

We discussed briefly, the texture found on Owls- feathers.
Using oil pastels, students drew short marks 
resembling the feathers. 

Lastly, students used paint and the dry brush technique.  
I stressed to keep their paint on the tip of the brush to
 create the feather look. 
Some students really loved mixing colors on their owl's wings. 

Overall, I loved seeing these big-eyed guys hanging around!


  1. I love owls, we painted some earlier in Sept. These are gorgeous, will definitely file away for next time. I would create owls each art class but better move on:)
    Thanks for sharing a lovely lesson, brought a smile to my face !

  2. Aren't they gorgeous? I think owls just have that universal appeal, maybe it's the eyes :) They make a great group display! When the focus of the lesson is an element or technique other than drawing I also often use a template (perhaps the crescent head shape) to get the kids started and on the right track size-wise. I only get one lesson to complete a whole project (no way to store or carry work over to another lesson), so if I drew from scratch every lesson that's all we'd ever do!

  3. Owls are so popular lately! These are sooo cute!!! :)

  4. Those are awesome!! I just love the way you used the decorative scissors. Funny, I just finished an owl the other day too...and I'm not even that in to owls!

  5. Very nice lesson! I taught my 3rd graders how to make ceramic owls last year, and as inspiration, we borrowed actual specimens of a Horned Owl and a Spotted Owl from our local natural history museum. There is a wealth of information that they are willing to loan to schools!

  6. I am so doing this today with my pre-k, I will prepare but they will cut and glue and paint!