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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Halloween is such a fun time of year. 
If you asked my second graders they would agree!

Here are some of my fun projects I have created with my students in the past couple years.

 I have never done "Halloween" projects in the past 
but when I found this book
 "Inside a House that is Haunted" 
I knew I could have some fun creating projects with my students.

 I have to give Ginger over at Paintbrush Rocket props for her fun Frankenstein project. 
From there we took off making some other characters from the book!

"who spooked the mummy who ran with a shriek"

that frightened the ghost who awoke and cried, "BOO!"
surprising the cat that jumped and screeched, "MEW!"

that shook up the bats that swooped through the air 
and jolted the owl that called, "Who-Who's there?"

Bats with Crazy, Silly Eyes!

I have updated some of these fun projects and put them into a easy to follow full color digital lessons.

The digital bundled PDF's include:
Step by step full-color photo tutorials for each creature lesson.
Background information about each creature
Supplies needed for each project
Templates for Witch, Hat, and Cat
Student galleries for each lesson
Helpful tips
Silly jokes and insightful information
Poetry posters for each creature to be printed and displayed with finished projects

If you want more detailed full color plans you can find them just in time for Halloween on sale 

Hope your have a Boo-tiful October!

Keep on Creating 
Laura :)


  1. the mummy idea!

  2. Cute and spooky! I'm quite fond of the mummy myself! :)Elizabeth

  3. Can you explain how you organized/prepared for this? Did each child make one or several? Was it by table? I love the finished product, Now I'm trying to visualize how to make it happen (in 40 minutes!). Thanks!

    1. Each class had a character. Monday's class created cats, Tuesday's group created witches, Wednesday's -bats, Thursday's -Frankenstein, Friday-Mummies. Each child made their own project. The mummies were my favorite and the easiest!

  4. The mummy is so funny! I stole the Frankenstein from artsy on Flickr! I love the witch shoes! Super cute!!!

  5. Did the students use chalk or oil pastels?