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Monday, September 17, 2012


I have done these adorable cows in the past with various background colors but this time I thought I would have the kids create ribbons for their cows.  I had various colors for students to choose for their ribbons but they all choose to have blue
 "1st place" ribbons! 

Week One: Students drew out the cow and painted the shapes in with black paint.

 Week Two: Students used scissors to cut out cows 
then added ribbons.

Here is our inspiration from our local fair.  What a beauty!

Materials: 12 x 18 white drawing paper, small brushes, black paint, oil pastels
Ribbons: 6 x 9 colored paper, sharpies
Background paper is 12 x 18 construction paper 

Class time 40 minutes


  1. I love this! It fits beautifully with our Brisbane 'ekka' show holiday....

  2. Cute. I love the addition of the blue ribbon and I bet the kids loved making them too.