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Monday, April 2, 2012

Art Show Part Two- Murals and More...

 Fine Arts Festival- Fairy Tales and Fables
Part Two- Murals and More

Gnomes, hedgehogs and forest friends- 3rd grade 

 Russian Cottage Windows and Crazy Quilts -4th grade

Babushkas and Crazy quilts- 4th grade

Viking World Mural- 4th grade

 Dragons- 5th grade

 Patterned Landscapes- 5th grade

Little Red Riding Hood- path to Grandma's house- 3rd grade

Monet's Poplars and Bird houses- 3rd grade

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Frog Prince- 2nd grade

 Queen of Hearts- 2nd grade

Castles and Kings and Queens- 2nd grade

 Wise Old Owl- 2nd grade

The Ugly Duckling- 2nd Grade

The Turnip- 2nd grade

 Princess and the Pea- 2nd grade

 6th grade- Monet's Waterlilies

 Cave Paintings- 6th grade
 Egyptian Mummy Cases- 6th grade

 Modern Mondrians-  6th grade

 Goya Trees- 6th grade

Woodland Forest- Art club

Spotted Red Mushrooms- 3rd grade

 Another display of Viking ships- 4th grade

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed the Fine Arts Festival Show


  1. I will not be showing my principal this post, because wow, you're making me look like a slacker! Holy cow, how do you find the time to do all this!!

  2. Great job! That was a great idea for a thematic unit!

    1. Thanks Bess! I just love your flowers! I posted about how awesome they are on the first post. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I love the murals and the theme! The presentation and projects look amazing.

  4. Wonderful! So colorful! I had to laugh when Marcia said she wasn't going to show her principal. Too funny. I agree too. You have really set the bar high. I love doing a them at least the first half of the year. I will have to gather some of your ideas with others and go for the fairy tales and fables theme some year. :)
    Maybe you've mentioned it before but how do you attach such big papers to the wall?

  5. Wow, you've had a busy and colorful year! So inspirational.

  6. These are wonderful. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to this post on my bulletin board blog. jan

  7. Great work! Love all the colors!!

  8. Great paper arts indeed. Is there a school like this that can teach children on how to improve their art abilities? I want to train my son doing arts with a4 paper size because we have many of those at our home.

    1. Thanks! Rory, I teach at a rural public school in Ohio. I post projects on here for others who may need ideas or lessons to create beautiful painted projects where ever they reside Feel free to borrow the fun lessons for your son. :)

    2. Thanks! I will definitely teach these to my son. I hope many students learn from you. :)

  9. What a wonderful show! We made your vikings last week as our mascot is a viking. I linked to your site too. Thanks for the great idea.

  10. Hi Laura, your students artwork is amazing! Congratulations to you. They are very lucky to have you as their art teacher. The art is so very joyful! I hope you don't mind but I would love to use some of your ideas. My Prep students are doing Fairytales,this term. I love the frog prince, the castles and the princess and the pea ideas. Fantastic! Anna:)

  11. This is AMAZING bravo for all your hard work. I am inspired. Thanks

  12. Great work , makes me want to get up and paint just looking at them.Are there How you did them instructions on this site? I can't seem to find them. Michelle

    1. Some projects -the directions were previously posted. Thanks.