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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinterest Inspirations

I just love Pinterest. I am sure many of us do but what makes pinterest great is that you can create various lessons and springboard from one photo. Putting a spin on another's lesson is what makes blogging so fun. Here is my spin on my pinned photo.

Students in 3rd grade painted the background and created houses out of 9 x 12 weavings. The spin was that we used paintedpaper for various details such as a sun, clouds, trees and painted flowers, grass and patterns.  Students who were absent did not do the weaving but just used paintedpaper for their house. Some classes did not paint the background with watercolors students just added details to construction paper background.

What is your spin on your pinterest inspiration?

Here is the pinned photo!


12 x 18 construction paper
9 x 12 paper for weaving
strips for weaving
painted paper in various colors
watercolor paints and brushes for background
tempera paints for details such as flowers and trees

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Travels across America

Here is just a sampling of projects that will be presented at our State conference. So pack your bags and come along for the ride. More detailed posts will come later!

Airstream Trailers

Rocky Mountains

Patterned Farmland

More Travel Trailers....