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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rocky Mountains

Our last project from WOW America was the Rocky Mountains. Students in 5th grade drew out their mountainous landscapes and added various details. They started with the mountains then finished at the bottom with lodges and cabins.
Students then painted in shapes with tempera paint starting with the lightest colors and continuing to the darkest colors. Students were constantly mixing colors and creating beautiful tints!During the third class session students added oil pastel texture and lastly outlined with black tempera. These turned out great too bad while we were painting these the Rockies were in a Winter Storm Warning!

Supplies: 12 x 18 drawing paper, tempera paints, oil pastels, small and large brushes

Saturday, October 22, 2011

somethings we have been creating....


A quick one day 30 minute project. you know the days were there is a delay and you have a shorten class. Well our second graders drew a u shape owl. added triangles for chest and beaks and circles for eyes. No tracers just really practicing make shapes large. The background paper of the owls are the students placemats that we paint on. Not only do they cover the tables the placemats make fun projects!

Found this on Pinterest. Pretty fun for our Mid-West Farm Unit! 3rd graders created painted paper then cut them into sections. Added all the fun scraps for hair, hands, buttons and completed it with more paintedpaper details. Corn, Leaves, and pumpkins

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WOW city

I just love these colorful cities created by 2nd graders. We looked at the book WOW City by Robert Neubecker. (Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle for introducing us to him!)
We examined the characteristics of the city skylines, windows, doors, and rooflines.

Week One: Read the book WOW City. then students used pencils to draw 4-5 buildings. filling up their 12 x 18 construction paper. After the buildings were created students painted with large brushes and vivid colors to complete their cities.Let Dry
Week Two: Students used painted paper to create windows, and decorations on the buildings, 
then environments were added: roads, clouds, sun, trees, etc.

Week Three: Students dipped straight edges into black paint and outlined their buildings. This last step really makes the colors and shapes pop! The cities are so bright and cheerful...
Wouldn't you want to live in these adorable cities?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chickens and Hens and Math Oh My!

Students in the 3rd grade created these fantastic chickens. We talked about shapes that create a chicken. --(Oval body, Triangle tail, circle head, rectangle legs etc.) We looked at photos of chickens raised by my friends.  After the shapes were drawn in pencil, the students started to paint with bright colors. The emphasis was on the brushstrokes- this really portrays the feathers on the bird.
 The second class the students finished with all the details then started on the background. The background resembled the chicken wire of the chicken coop. This was created by using a hexagon math manipulate and students traced around those creating a tessellation type pattern. Even though they used the shape to trace many students had difficulty with connecting the hexagon shapes. We just joked the wire was a little bent. HA! Students then cut out the chicken glued in on the chicken wire then added some paintedpaper straw.  The project took 3- 40 minute classes.