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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picasso Cats

I needed a one day project to complete the Picasso Unit that my 4th graders were working on and this was it. After looking at Picasso"s Cat and Bird students used pencils to draw out the basic shapes of a cat. Next, I gave them various tempera colors: brown, olive, gray, white and black, to paint large brushstrokes in the body and face. Details such as eyes, whiskers, claws were added next then the cat was outlined in black to complete the project. I think they turned out so successful! This was so easy and the kids were really proud of their work.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March is Youth Art Month and Our Fine Arts Festival

Finally, my 1st grader can help with the matting of projects! Yippee! Now they are drying on the floor in the basement. Just thought I would share my excitement with you!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Oh Happy Day! Hello Spring, Good bye Winter! This winter was a rough one!
I hoped everyone had a wonder Spring Equinox. We stand eggs up on end every year. Family Tradition-It started with my Grandma and I still do it many years later! My little 4 year old pointing to the spring egg!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Picasso's Guitars

Another Art Club Project! I am just loving all these cool guitars.

Our inspiration....

Students drew the guitars- No tracers- on corrugated paper, cut out shape then added cardboard necks with jute strings with toilet paper tube holding the strings up and with some funky oil pastels designs and buttons to complete the look. These kids really let there hair down at 8:15 in the morning! Groovy Man....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recycled Boats

Have you ever had stuff you know you could use for an art project and they have been hanging around for years?
Well, I have my son's jeans( you know the ones that all the knees are torn out and you can only make so many cut off shorts! lol)
My art club students had various choices of recycled matter to use. Strips of old paper, painted lamination, fleece scraps, and of course old jeans.

Day One
1. Students fold 18 x 24 tagboard (painted placemats) over and draw the curve of the sail, then students draw the lines to create the loom making sure not to go to the end of the paper. Cut on the lines and start to weave.
2. Added the mast with cardboard and bottom boat. Lastly add more recycled items to finish the overall design. Boy, do my students love buttons! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Geometric Boats at Sunrise

Who doesn't love a spring sunrise? My 2nd graders created analogous skies while painting rising suns on a horizon line. We used liquid watercolors because they have such a vivid hue. We looked at various shapes to create boats: crescent, rectangle, trapezoid, triangles. Once the paintings were dried we added the boats and used oil pastels for patterned waves.

Day 1
1. Students looked at the color wheel to understand analogous colors. (Red to Orange, Orange to Yellow)
2. After folding their papers horizontally "hot dog" they painted the sky with 2 analogous colors (next door neighbor colors)
3. Students then painted their seas- using analogous colors- Most students chose greens and blues but purple was available.
4. Lastly, the suns were painted with tempera paint- by this time the paper was dry enough to paint the sun.
5. Let Dry

Day 2
1. We reviewed all the geometric shapes
2. Students used various painted papers to create their boats. They needed 2-4 boats.
2. Once boats were ready, students glued them down and used oil pastels to create patterned waves.

The students absolutely loved this project! I was surprised how much they enjoyed creating their boats.
One student said "hey it is Math Art! We had a fun time creating these and I suggest any one who wants to paint with watercolor use Liquid Watercolors.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We all live in a yellow submarine .. or a blue or pink!

As we continue our unit on "Under the Sea with Picasso and Me" 3rd grade students created these fantastic submarines.
First, students looked at shapes that form a sub. Oval and Semi-circle.

We used small paper plates to create the curved edge of the oval. Cut out then added a semi circle top. Just add a small line of glue to hold the top in place.

Next, students added the decorations on their colorful subs. Students could choose from painted paper strips or colorful strips to add to the oval sub. They really got into this step. I suggested cutting the strips and making patterns out of them. My students had a different approach. One student went over to the oil pastels picked what he needed then went to town on his sub. I never mentioned the oil pastels but I think it was a fantastic idea. My students have the freedom to use from various supplies but this group really helped themselves to all the supplies! Don't you just love when students surprise you with their creativity!

Lastly, we added our portholes-some cardboard strips with holes I found at a recycling center- and the periscope.