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Monday, January 31, 2011

Under the Sea with Picasso and Me- Turtles and Tints

2nd grade students where introduced to painting with sponges. They used a circle shape sponge then painted on construction paper to give the illusion of the outer shell of the turtle. Students were also introduced to tints and shades. They loved the various shades the paint and sponge made.

Day 1 -We painted paper with sponges and various shades of green paint.
Supplies 12 x 12 green construction paper and 6 x 12 green construction paper

Day 2 Students used tracers for the turtle to get the shapes of the head, shell, and flippers. Cut the shapes and assembled the turtle.

Students then added eyes and used oil pastels to outline the circles on the shell. lastly they painted with glitter paint to give the sparkle of the shell.

As you can see I separated the oil pastels -all various shades of green were used. Students will be creating sea murals for the various sea life creatures. Stay tuned more to come!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Picasso Seascapes

4th grade students examined Picasso's paintings of the Mediterranean Sea. Pablo Picasso lived in the south of France and painted many different views of the beautiful sea. Students drew with pencils to sketch out their ideas, then painted with blue tempera paint and created various tints of blue as well. The students loved mixing their colors on the paper! After the students paintings were complete, they used oil pastels to outline shapes and add designs.

Supplies: 12 x 18 drawing paper, blue and white tempera paint oil pastels
Class time: 2- 40 minute classes

Picasso's Seascape

Picasso's Landscape

Picasso's Landscape, originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

4th grade studied various Picasso's Landscapes. Students created, in pencil, many of the characteristics found in his paintings. Wavy hills, buildings, fun trees were all added. After the students created their drawings they used tints and shades of green tempera paint to create vivid paintings. They also mixed new hues of green on their paintings.
Lastly, students outlined with various shades of green oil pastels.

Supplies: 12 x 18 paper, tempera paints.

Our Picasso inspiration!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picasso's Rose Period Hearts... love, love, love

Pablo Picasso is known for many different paintings and fun sculptures, but did you know of his Rose Period artworks? 

Picasso’s Blue Period lasted for 4 years. It was a sad time in his life and he primarily used blue paint in his works.
After that sad time Pablo fell in love and splashed many of his canvases with lovely colors such as pinks, reds, corals and purples. This became known as his Rose Period which focused on bold shapes and colorful patterns. In these two art lessons my students created delightful flowers and hearts inspired by Picasso’s Rose Period. 

First Project:
Picasso Hearts
 Students used a piece of 18" x 18" tagboard, drew a heart,  painted it with tempera paint, then cut it out when dry. It took 50 minutes to complete one large heart. 

One student created an abstract heart inspired by Picasso's cubism!

These were created by students in my art club. 

I never have to explain the directions, I just tell them to create fun designs with paint. They are wonderful students who love to create fantastic projects. 

Second Project:

Picasso Roses

Second Project:
Picasso Roses
 Students created a big flower on 18" x 18" sheets of tagboard with tempera paint. It took 50 minutes to complete one large flower. We let them dry and then cut them out

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New blog for the new year.

Welcome to new blog -my other passion is gardening. Just thought I post some tidbits of the other creative space I call home. Enjoy!