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Saturday, October 22, 2011

somethings we have been creating....


A quick one day 30 minute project. you know the days were there is a delay and you have a shorten class. Well our second graders drew a u shape owl. added triangles for chest and beaks and circles for eyes. No tracers just really practicing make shapes large. The background paper of the owls are the students placemats that we paint on. Not only do they cover the tables the placemats make fun projects!

Found this on Pinterest. Pretty fun for our Mid-West Farm Unit! 3rd graders created painted paper then cut them into sections. Added all the fun scraps for hair, hands, buttons and completed it with more paintedpaper details. Corn, Leaves, and pumpkins


  1. Love the owls! Such great personalities in their faces :]

  2. ooh! love both of those (and I've seen the scarecrows on pinterest, too!!!) we have some super-fab owls upcoming :)

  3. I love the owl project. So cheery and colorful.