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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It is a pig pen in here!

Do you ever feel that you just can not get your bearings? That you are rolling around in the mud making a mess and not getting anything accomplished? Well that is me this week!

We are looking at the book WOW America!
( thanks Deep Space Sparkle for the suggestion! Love this book!) My 3rd grade classes are creating projects from the midwest region of the United States. We created these hilarious pigs come check them out!

Week 1
- on 12 x 18 drawing paper students drew large pigs- complete with all the crazy details.
Students painted pigs with shades of pinks, tans, and brown tempera paint. Lastly, they outlined with black tempera.
(I like using black tempera to outline it really makes the colors POP!)

Week 2
- Students created pig pens with 12 x 18 construction paper and 2- 18" long & 2 -12" long strips to make the pen fencing.
Pigs were cut out and glued down then yours truly mixed up so good ol' Ohio Mud from the back of the school. The kids squealed with delight as the painted their little pigs! I love the expressions on their faces! (The pigs and the kiddos too!)

I just love these guys checking each other out on the drying rack! HA


  1. These are adorable!! love the faces :)

  2. Absolutely Pigalisicious delicious in Pig language. Great for students looking at studying Charlottes Web!! or Babe.

  3. Thanks Guys!!! The pigs are so cute because I see the students in their creations. They make their projects take on their facial gestures! LOL

  4. I did these with my Kinders...everyone loves them!!