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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whoooo is Picasso?

Our Inspiration:

We are really enjoying the artist Pablo Picasso and all his fab artworks. One thing he did was create various birds and owl pieces.
In one of my 3rd grade classes, Students created their abstract owls. Some made their project more realistic while others really went to the extreme pattern! These were done in a 40 minute class period.

Vocabulary: Lines, A B Pattern, Symmetry, Fold, Zig-Zags, Dabbed, Circles,

1. Students fold their papers "hotdog" style
2. Draw half the shape of their owl. Head, Body and Claws
3. Cut on pencil line
4. Open then add patterns to represent the body,
5. Add symmetrical painted eyes-using patterns or designs.
6. Let Dry

Students really loved this project. No designs were drawn out. Every design was painted.

I love the thick, quick brushstrokes on these beautiful birds!


  1. I think this is a great prpject idea. Bookmarked for future reference!

  2. Didn't know the extent of Picasso's works. Pretty cool owls, I must say. Oh and I love how you are adding more photos to your posts. It's so exciting seeing a new post pop up...I know it's going to be a creative treat!

  3. I LOVE owls and totally love these! Adding these to my owl project collection!

  4. what a great project, love that it showcases more unknown picasso work.