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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show us your room, cart or hallway!

My art room, originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

Paints!! , originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

paint, originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

Ok guys, SO it is really cold outside and there is not much to do, let's have some fun! Show us your classroom, any place where you get inspired or a special teaching area.
In my classroom I call it our Investigation Area! This area contains a carpet, dry erase board and the whole wall that is a bulletin board with covering. You can also see my paints and my drying rack. So post away!


  1. WOW I need you to come make my room look that prety! That is unbeleiveable!! I have never seen such a clean art room!!!

  2. How do you keep your beautiful tables so clean??!?! Do tell!

  3. I can't show you my pictures now - not after seeing that - what a beautiful room

  4. CMae,
    7 years ago I really scrubbed the tables and put varnish on them (myself). It has really paid off! But what has also saved the tables are 18 x 24 tagboard placemats. It keeps the cleaning down to a min! :) Hey guys you should see my storage room! It is a nightmare!

  5. I have a blog award for you over at my blog:

    I really enjoy visiting your blog and the wonderful things you share! It is so inspiring!

  6. Wow, your room is so neat! I'll stay till like 6pm cleaning up, and by noon the next day it looks like an explosion has hit again. Sigh...

    I have a question: since I love the bright rich colors of your students' paintings, I was wondering about your favorite brand of tempera. It looks like your bottles say "True Color" on them, but I'm not sure who's product that is. I don't think it's Crayola; what company makes this paint? I'm in the middle of requisitions and am making paint decisions this weekend probably.

  7. Our school doesn't have an artroom.... this makes me jealous!

  8. Phyl, True Color is Sax- but Prang has been my choice and choice of other teachers I know who paint alot. Any washable paint is not as bright too, it is more see-through Not opague like I want the paint to be.

    We can destroy this room fast but the students know that they all must work together to clean it up. I have to say painting is really easy to keep the room clean. Again those placemats are sooo large the cover the table. Of course, you do not see my storage room which is also the Health Departments frown! haha

    If you see under the table next to the drying rack there are a ton of boxes with painted paper scraps. Very helpful to pull out scrap boxes.

    I know how you feel, I worked on a cart in between schools for 7 years. This was my dream to have an artroom. So I cherish it and keep it a clean as possible. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing...Phyl I was wondering the same thing about the paint. I use Crayola because it is cheap in our state bid catalog, but they just started only posting the washable kind. Any suggestions for the cheapest place to buy Prang?

  10. It's nice to see someone who does messy projects but keeps the room clean! I was really blessed to have my maternity leave sub come a week early. The first day the room became a disaster. . . Scissors not in the scissor spot, crayons on any counter. . . .I stopped and made a big deal about it. It was great because I got to see the sub get the system! The problem is if you don't make a big deal out of putting things back in the right place the kids could care less it seems! By the end of the week I think she got the system and care about it. It makes a big difference to have a room where all the classes can find things!


    Here's my art room. Sorry the pics aren't too great. We're on Feb break then maternity leave or for me hopefully just maternity leave but she seems to be hanging in there. Uncomfortably hanging in there!

  12. That is an awesome drying rack!! I love looking at your blog! This is my 2nd year as an elementary art teacher and I love it too :]

  13. I finally put up some pictures of my art room. You can check them out at Thanks for the suggestion. Your room looks great!