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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mural making time!

With all the delays from the bad weather and frigid temps we only see some classes for 15 minutes on delay days. Well that is just enough time for the 6th grade students to paint these murals with plants commonly found under the sea. 2nd grade projects were then added to the mural. These are just a start more to come! Supplies: Tempera paints and large brushes!


  1. Oh Ooh Oooh! I love these murals! What a great use of time in this crazy schedule that's going on. Thanks for asking, feeling good especially because we're on break and I know I won't have to go to work tomorrow! I didn't make it on Friday (thought she might come but didn't:( but felt good most of the pregnancy and was able to enjoy teaching. Now just waiting. . . doing what I can and watching Portlandia:)

  2. Hi Laura! Love your blog!! I saw you were following my blog (fransar) and wanted to check you out! I am too and art teacher and love your fabulous ideas! You go girl! Keep up the wonderful blog! Katie