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Monday, January 31, 2011

Under the Sea with Picasso and Me- Turtles and Tints

2nd grade students where introduced to painting with sponges. They used a circle shape sponge then painted on construction paper to give the illusion of the outer shell of the turtle. Students were also introduced to tints and shades. They loved the various shades the paint and sponge made.

Day 1 -We painted paper with sponges and various shades of green paint.
Supplies 12 x 12 green construction paper and 6 x 12 green construction paper

Day 2 Students used tracers for the turtle to get the shapes of the head, shell, and flippers. Cut the shapes and assembled the turtle.

Students then added eyes and used oil pastels to outline the circles on the shell. lastly they painted with glitter paint to give the sparkle of the shell.

As you can see I separated the oil pastels -all various shades of green were used. Students will be creating sea murals for the various sea life creatures. Stay tuned more to come!


  1. Your 2nd graders sea turtles are just great!

  2. These turtles are so cute. That's a great project.

  3. Hi! Great to connect with you- I am glad I found your blog and am interested in exploring it further. I also blog at the Art of Education

    Question: Do you write the name of your students on the front of the art? It always looks so nice. Thanks for sharing.

    Jessica Balsley

  4. Jessica, Yes, I print the name of the student on the art work, very small in the corner. In the past, students wrote so big on their project it takes away from the artwork.