Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slippers of India

Handmade shoes, slippers and sandals are popular in Indian Bazaars. Traditional cobblers stitch the shoes using leather and fabric. These were created by 5th grade students using painted paper, metallic markers and yarn for tassels.

Day 1
1. Students folded their painted paper, drew and cut out shoes on a fold, to create a symmetrical pair of slippers. (I had some patterns of shoes made if they wanted to use them -as always some use them some don't)
2. Students made an oval to represent the center of the shoe then added very small designs on their shoes. Students used Prang metallic markers and black sharpies to trace over their designs.

Day 2
1.They chose a background paper that complimented their shoes then added more symmetrical designs to the borders. Lastly, students could use yarn to make tassels or glue down pom-poms to complete the look.

We had a pair of shoes given to us that were purchased and worn in India. The students love seeing original items from the country we study then take that inspiration and knowledge and apply to their projects.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Festive Elephants of India

In 6th grade, we cover the art timeline and various cultures around the world. So with that being said we( My teaching buddy and I) had the students make festive elephants of India.

Day 1
The students first traced an elephant shape on one side (I had 8 tracers to choose from- all different poses) then they painted using black and white tempera paint and created a "texture" on their paper.

Day 2
We discussed all the awesome designs the people used to decorate their beautiful elephants. The people of India also put lavish materials such as sequins, jewels, and tassels on the elephants and even paint the elephant's toenails! The students cut out the elephants then added tails and ears, then they drew with white oil pastels designs on their elephants, The last step of the class period was to paint with fluorescent paint. The kids LOVED using the bright colors.

Day 3
The first step was to add burlap blankets with ribbons, jewels, sequins and pom-pons. What fun they had making fringes, and adding all the items to their special elephant. The next step was to take a 9x12 piece of paper, add a paper border, glue down to the black background paper (12 x 16) and add a border with white oil pastels and paint. I stress to the students when painting the border use a few colors to compliment your elephant. My students are really understanding that concept! My famous line and they giggle every time

"Just because you get the color samples on a card at the paint store doesn't mean you are going to paint your dining room everyone of the colors!"

Students picked 2-3 colors for your border etc. They giggle at me but they understand what I am trying to point out. These turned out so fun! You know you have a hit when the other classes are excited about the project! This project was a brainstorm idea with my buddy! Her tracers were from a previous project, we just mixed it up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boo! Happy Halloween!

I am loving my new skulls. We are having so much fun decorating for the festive week to come! I usually post school projects but I'd thought I'd take a break and spread some Halloween cheer! Hope everyone enjoys their ghostly night!

Birch trees-

Birch trees- 3rd, originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

Just thought I would post one of my favorite projects for fall. This one is so easy and bright and cheerful.
1. Students dipped a piece of cardboard in paint than dragged the piece sideways to create the trunks.
2. Students took analogous colors and painted the tops of the trees.
3 Lastly, Students took a piece of chalk and shaded in the background trying not to cover the trees. This took 2-40 minute classes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My special find...

When I was browsing in the children's resale shop looking for some article of clothing for my 3 year daughter I stumbled across this...

Can you believe someone would resell this beautiful jacket. It was made in Mexico and has all this hand stitching on it. I was wondering maybe Oaxaca area? Even my husband was excited about such a special find. We were wondering, who would sell this? you can tell it is a souvenir but the quality is really nice. I only wish I was 12 again! I would been sporting this with pride. I am thinking about making it into a pillow, maybe a cool quilt or even making it an applique on a cool denim skirt! I am just so excited!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Radial Flowers

Students created flowers inspired by the Fabric Designer Anna Maria Horner. 1st, they used painted paper and created a circle- circumference with 8 pieces of paper. They laid their pieces out in alternating colors and added a crescent shape to complete the flower. Lastly, they added pom-pons to the center and matted it to another sheet of construction paper. What a beautiful product and the math concepts of circumference, diameter and radius are complete! The 5th grade teachers love that I cover this every year! :)

Monkey Temple in Nepal

As we continue our study of the art of the Himalayan Mountains, we traveled north to Nepal. 3rd grade artists viewed various photos of holy monkeys found at the holy temple. Pilgrims visit the temple and the monkeys scatter around the site. Students used construction paper to create their monkeys, glued them in various positions then used oil pastels to make the texture of hair. During "free choice" time some students painted the mural to reflect that of the temple found in Nepal. The monkeys took 2-40 minute periods and the students really enjoyed creating such fun creatures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Groovy Trucks from India

Once again, we recycled our "painting placemats" into another project. This time we looked at the vivid colors and wild patterns found on the trucks in India. Students cut the edges of a 12 x 18 painted paper and added various textures, patterns, and razzle dazzle to really pump up their trucks. On many of the trucks you will see "Horn please" just another design commonly found on vehicles in India. Students then designed a background on 18 x 24 inch paper with oil pastels and used bright paints to complete their projects. It took the students 2 -40 minute classes and many hours of other students being sloppy on their placemats!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pattern Paiselys

A popular design found in the large country of India is paisleys. They are found on almost everything from fabrics to vehicles. We created these using analogous and monochromatic colors. First, students designed the patterns with pencils then added oil pastels, and paint. Students really enjoyed creating these wild and elaborate designs.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Marigolds for sale

In India marigolds are always available. They are used for weddings, decorating homes, cars and even delivery trucks. They are placed in woven baskets and sold by vendors. Check out our version of our marigolds for sale.

Students created a basket by weaving thin strips of paper, then cut and added a fringed piece of burlap. Students added painted paper flowers, cut around the edges to give the flowers a 3-dimensional look. Tracers were available but many students chose not to use them to create their flowers. Lastly students used paint and oil pastels to add leaves and vines around their basket.