connecting curriculum and creativity through art

Sunday, March 7, 2010

African Cameroon lizards

Fun, patterned lizards created by my art club early in the morning. First, I offered either a pattern or they could design their own lizard. Second, they needed to create symmetrical designs with geometric shapes. After designs were created students used tempera paint to complete the vibrant look. After project was dried students added beads and bottle caps, and thick twine to the border of the body. Students matted projects then added designs on the border. I love how all the projects were so vivid against the black paper.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fabulous Flamingos

2nd grade student created these hilarious flamingos with construction paper, painted paper, oil pastels,feathers and tempera paint.
Students first created the body then added a curvy neck with head. Their neck had to be 3 fingers wide.
( you know, little ones tend to work way to small so I suggested the thickness)
After they assembled the body and legs with various pink construction paper, they made beaks, feet and paper feathers out of pre-painted paper. Students added more feather details with oil pastels then painted with tempera paint feathers on the body. To top it all off, students painted their beaks with black tempera, added real pink feathers, and lastly added an eye.