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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time to Sleep Tear Bear

Now that it is time for the snow to fly...We created these precious little bears with painted paper, inspired by the children's book Time to Sleep, written by author Denise Fleming.

Day 1
After reading this delightful book, of all the animals in the forest getting ready for winter, we painted our paper. Student choose a dark brown or black 9 x 12 piece of paper and then dragged or smeared brown, tan, and/or black paint with pieces of cardboard across the paper. Let Dry.

Day 2
Students then tore the painted paper to create legs, body and a triangle to create the head. Details were added such as eyes, ears and tail to complete the bear. The bears were added to a snow background with some torn snow on the the ground. They turned out great with a fun painted border on the edge.


  1. How cute. When we get snowy here I will definetly think of this project.

  2. Oh, I LOVE borders! They jazz up everything!