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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slippers of India

Handmade shoes, slippers and sandals are popular in Indian Bazaars. Traditional cobblers stitch the shoes using leather and fabric. These were created by 5th grade students using painted paper, metallic markers and yarn for tassels.

Day 1
1. Students folded their painted paper, drew and cut out shoes on a fold, to create a symmetrical pair of slippers. (I had some patterns of shoes made if they wanted to use them -as always some use them some don't)
2. Students made an oval to represent the center of the shoe then added very small designs on their shoes. Students used Prang metallic markers and black sharpies to trace over their designs.

Day 2
1.They chose a background paper that complimented their shoes then added more symmetrical designs to the borders. Lastly, students could use yarn to make tassels or glue down pom-poms to complete the look.

We had a pair of shoes given to us that were purchased and worn in India. The students love seeing original items from the country we study then take that inspiration and knowledge and apply to their projects.


  1. Oh, I love this activity. Perfect for celebrating diwali this week!

  2. Yep! We are presenting our unit on India on the 5th at our conference! Festival of lights! :)

  3. Very cut idea! This is a great design project.

  4. Hi Laura! Thank you for joining my blog. I really love theses slippers...Last year I was involved in the festival of lights with the Indian community here in Melbourne. My kids worked with a visiting artist. They drew beautiful flowers on a square panel and glued coloured sand. It was fun. Anna