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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pattern Paiselys

A popular design found in the large country of India is paisleys. They are found on almost everything from fabrics to vehicles. We created these using analogous and monochromatic colors. First, students designed the patterns with pencils then added oil pastels, and paint. Students really enjoyed creating these wild and elaborate designs.


  1. Lovely!! and such a simple easy idea.

  2. Love this. The periwinkle is so pretty. Great way to teach color theory. Nice job! (Like always!

  3. Oh these look great. Thought about doing these before-I love how they are big. Do you have the project for the photo that is featured at the top of your blog on your site? I love it too!

  4. it really looks great..nice post you it...its kinda relaxing to look at..


  5. Your art projects are so unique and inspiring. I really enjoy your blog! You inspired me to start one of my own today! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas. It's so fun to share.

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