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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My special find...

When I was browsing in the children's resale shop looking for some article of clothing for my 3 year daughter I stumbled across this...

Can you believe someone would resell this beautiful jacket. It was made in Mexico and has all this hand stitching on it. I was wondering maybe Oaxaca area? Even my husband was excited about such a special find. We were wondering, who would sell this? you can tell it is a souvenir but the quality is really nice. I only wish I was 12 again! I would been sporting this with pride. I am thinking about making it into a pillow, maybe a cool quilt or even making it an applique on a cool denim skirt! I am just so excited!


  1. It's definitely unusual. A great find.

  2. What a great find!! I have a similar very small, pale yellow jacket that is not so striking. I just hang it on a little hanger as a decoration. Wish I knew more about these too.

  3. Maybe she'll wear it one day! My mother saved all my really nice clothes from childhood. Beautiful classic dresses, hand done smocking, wool jackets with fur collars and finally after all these years (and some great packing) I can use them again. Too long to wait but it would be such an adorable fall outfit!