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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boo! Happy Halloween!

I am loving my new skulls. We are having so much fun decorating for the festive week to come! I usually post school projects but I'd thought I'd take a break and spread some Halloween cheer! Hope everyone enjoys their ghostly night!


  1. So awesome. Halloween is CREEPING up isn't it! I haven't taken decorations out from the basement. I love your house it is so homey and cozy even decorated for the scariest holiday.

  2. Thanks! We just painted the dining room-almost every room in our house is a fall color. no kidding I have 1000 paint chips and many samples. I just love color and am lucky to have a wonderful husband who loves all the same colors I do and is a better painter than me. He loves to paint! We have been in our house almost 3 years and have repainted every room 2 times. I even have a contractor discount at the paint store Imagine that! ;)

  3. Your house looks awesome! Very creative and festive. I can't believe you've painted your house twice in 3 years! Wish you'd come paint mine!