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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birch trees-

Birch trees- 3rd, originally uploaded by paintedpaper.

Just thought I would post one of my favorite projects for fall. This one is so easy and bright and cheerful.
1. Students dipped a piece of cardboard in paint than dragged the piece sideways to create the trunks.
2. Students took analogous colors and painted the tops of the trees.
3 Lastly, Students took a piece of chalk and shaded in the background trying not to cover the trees. This took 2-40 minute classes.


  1. I used a Popsicle stick but it does seem to work well. The tree trunks are more grey then white and black stripes... how did you get the awesome black stripes?

  2. Thanks! Drag straight edges dipped in black paint.