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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Razzle Dazzle Camels

Can you say pattern?

Check out these fun camels that my 4th graders created. The kids loved creating these wacky, wild guys with patterns in the background and on the border. This project took 2 class periods one for the patterns and one for the excitement and selection of the razzle-dazzle items. Sequins were sparkling, large rhinestones and ribbons were available. Wiggle eyes with lashes were all the rage. We discussed the festivals of India and how they decorate the animals so beautifully. We chose beautiful items for our animals too! Gotta love razzle dazzle!


  1. Love these! My school librarian handed me a book on camels yesterday. Bit of a coincidence I say! Now I know what to do with it! Great project. Love the energy.

  2. Cool- would also look great with Indian Elephants or Circus elephants.

  3. Thanks! We are also doing Indian elephants as well! They are turning out great! I will post when they are complete :)