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Friday, May 21, 2010

Monochromatic Monkeying Around...

3rd Graders created these wild monkeys for our Art Show. They are wild and crazy just like my 3rd graders :)
1st they took 3 sheets of 12 x18 brown paper and folded them into long strips. Then, glued down on a paper bag.

2nd, they added the face, (the shape of a peanut), glued on top of a 6 x 9 piece of construction paper. Students then added facial features-eyes, nose, mouth, Lastly, students added various hair to their monkey and painted texture on top of legs and arms.


  1. Hi Laura - great monkeys, I may try them next fall with my little monkeys too! Nice blog - lots of neat projects - thanks for a fun look at what your students have been up to! I've added you to my Georgetown Art blog too:

  2. These monkeys are fantastic and I hope to use your idea this autumn. Your blog is ultra inspirational. I have used your Painted Paper (and layering) technique with my 100+ kiddies and am constantly surprised at the wonderful results. Even the cheapest (or ugly coloured) papers end up with beautiful results and the children love the freedom of painting. Thanks for all the ideas you have shared this past year, have a great summer. We don't finish school here in the UK until the 23rd of July so we've got a bit more to go. Liz in Sheffield, UK

  3. Wow thanks guys! Liz, Yes It is truly amazing what a little paint on paper can produce! We only have 8 more days of school. Yippee!