Never take the fun out of creating because that is where the learning begins!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mexican Flower Murals with Mexican Houses

I just put the big paper up and through out the day we get a new mural! Students start with the painting the flowers with tempera paint, then other students add the oil pastels designs. Top it all off with 2nd grade Mexican Houses created with painted paper!

More Mirrors

Mexican Mirrors

We are creating a Mexican Marketplace in our school. The 4th grade students did a fantastic job creating radial designs for their Mexican folk art mirrors. Totally terrific! Totally fun! 1.They first traced around a circle, then added fun patterns. 2.Outlined with a sharpie, colored in the shapes with construction paper crayons. 3. Added patterns onto copper tooling,(using the silver side to look like a mirror) 4. Glued down the mirror, and added sequins.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patricia Polacco

Last night I went to hear the children's author Patricia Polacco. Not only was she terrific, she was truly inspirational-not a dry eye in the building. The presentation was geared for teachers. Since it was after school, it was a really great time to unwind, relax and hear some incredible stories of her life. If you every have a chance you must see her and hear her beautiful stories. As, you know I love creating projects based off of children's books....well it can't get any better than this!