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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mayan masks

6th grade students used painted paper to create these masks.... more to come!
Students first cut masks to be symmetrical in design. Then students added symmetrical patterns to the overall mask. Start with nose then add eyes, layering the different shapes. Add earrings, mouth, and fun patterns. Lastly, add some feathers, paint some small designs and your mask is complete.


  1. Love all of the color! These look fantastic : )

  2. Wow! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and enjoy seeing all of the beautiful projects! I am a second year art teacher (with students K-8) who has never tried having my students make painted paper to use for collage, etc...could you share some wisdom for how to make it work? What kind of paper do you use? What kind of paint? What tools do you have available for them to create textures/pattern? And how do you store all of the lovely paper once it is dry? I am so inspired by your blog, but a little timid to try your style in my classroom. Keep up the exciting work...your students must adore your class:)

  3. I love this mask and I also saw it on another website. I'd like to know what the colors of the Mayan mask represent. :D

  4. These are really great ideas. I'm a homeschool mom who is constantly trying to find ideas to incorporate art into our history lessons. This month we are working on Mayan culture. I've already had my kids make a Mayan version of hot chocolate, accordian books to mimic Mayan codices (books) and now I'm going to use your idea of a mask. I just watched a video where masks like these would have been placed on kings during their burial - often made in jade.