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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Spring!

Need some lessons to finish off 
the end of the year?  
Earth Day is right around the corner. 
Why not celebrate with some colorful projects inspired by Claude Monet?

These are some of my favorite Claude Monet lessons created in PDF format.

Included in the digital lesson plans:
Step by Step full-color photo tutorials 
Art historical information
Supplies Needed
Options for students using different media
Student Gallery
National Core Art Standards checklist

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Painted Paper Flowers and Landscape Projects

Need a quick lesson for the end of the year?

Here are 3 awesome projects that your students will love. I know my kiddos do!

Yes folks, it is getting towards the end of the year for Painted Paper students
-even though I have 38 days left- 
but who's counting! haha

Never Fear! 
Painted Paper will still be working!

This summer I am opening the vaults of 20 years of awesome projects along with my 
Thematic Units and will be posting many 
of my favorite ones!  

Ok, back to the 3 awesome projects that all students can create with great success! 

Project 1
Large Placemat Flowers

Want the details to this lesson? 
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for the 
FREE download of the lesson plan!

Project 2

Large Placemats with Line Flowers

Grab those placemats filled with vibrant colors. These mats are so beautiful as non-objective art, and yes as a typical hoarder I sift through them and keep some hidden for other projects. 
Here are a few awesome placemats I have kept.

Now, grab the old tempera paint that needs to be used up and start painting repeated shapes on the placemats. Many of my students prefer squares or rectangles but have your students choose their colors and shapes.

Next, start with a good opaque black tempera paint. I use Dick Blick Premium Tempera. 
Paint the center of the flower. 
Don't worry about the other paints not being dry because the black paint will cover nicely.

Now add the petals. Remember to make them big!

Once the petals are completed,
add stems and leaves. 
Next, add fun lines and patterns to the flower.

Frame them on 18 x 24 construction paper 
and cut one inch strips from the painted placemats to frame these beautiful works of art.

Project 3

Painted Paper Placemat Landscapes

Have students pick a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper for background. Next, have them choose a couple of oil pastels to shade in the background.

This creates a nice texture for the students to add the parts of the landscape. Students cut the painted paper placemats to create the ground. Bins of painted paper scraps are used for smaller details. Once the students cut the landscape details, glue the items down.

Next, students paint with tempera paint to add more details on top of the painted paper shapes.

Let dry.

Once dry, glue the projects on 18 x 24  construction paper and create a frame from one inch strips cut from the used placemats.
 Glue down painted strips.

Hope these bright colorful projects inspire you to recycle while creating in your classroom!

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Keep on painting :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

At Home with Painted Paper

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Do you have items lying around your house and you just don't want to throw them away? 
I know, you are going to say "recycle them"… 
Well that is my problem. I can't even throw items into the recycling bin! I mean I have a problem right? 
So, while I was organizing my new art studio at home 
(hence the blog post At Home with Painted Paper)
I stumbled across some tins.

These awesome Tazo tea bins are from my favorite tea "Joy". They were just calling to have a beautiful new design on them. 

While at my local Target I snagged up their fun patterned duct tape. It was a perfect fit for my tea bins to create some awesome storage containers for colored pencils and paint brushes.

Details are pretty easy:

Take the duct tape and start in the back at the corner of the tin. Wrap the duct tape slowly and continue around the tin until you overlap the edge of the tape where you started. 
It took 2 strips to cover the tin.

When done adding the tape you will have some awesome storage!

Supplies Needed:
Duct tape
A cup of hot tea

What trash will you recycle into an awesome item to be 
used around the house?  
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Keep on creating!
Laura :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

8 Classic Painting Techniques from The Masters to Teach Today from the Art of Education

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Jessica from the Art of Education 

to discuss painting techniques that 
are used in my classroom. 

8 Classic Painting Techniques from 

The Masters to Teach Today

Want to know more? Hop over to the

to get the details.

Keep on creating!
Laura :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Painted Paper at NAEA Convention in New Orleans!

Want to know what happens at a 
National Art Education Convention? 

Hang on to your hats! First stop we headed over to the Convention Center for the first general session. If you are like me your past experience at the general sessions are hit or miss. Some speakers are fab while others are a little dry. New Orleans nailed it! 

Tim Gunn was in the house at this convention and he did not disappoint. In fact, his discussion type presentation was so intimate and inspirational you felt he was talking to you individually. So many art teachers were moved to tears because he inspired us so greatly. Tim Gunn we love you! 

Ok, time to hit the vendors hall. It really is the Mecca for art teachers. All the big players were there: Dick Blick, Sax, Crayola, Liquidex, Faber Castell, Prang and Elmers Glue to name a few. 

I love this eraser! It is huge.

Hands on Activities 

Building a paper horse 
designing a fabulous outfit out of scraps of fabric. 

 All types of notions!

Need a catalog to find art supplies?
Stop by School Speciality - Sax Arts and Crafts.

We created fun crowns while testing new products from Faber Castell 
and then stopped by their photo booth!

Here Ginger from Paintbrush Rocket and myself are posing with our crown creations!

Next stop is to choose a session. 
 Now this is where there is a problem.
So many great ones and so little time!

 Elementary Carousel of Learning: Teacher Art Blogs

Phyllis Brown of There’s a Dragon in my Art Room, Cassie Stephens, Sheryl Depp of Primary Art with Mrs. Depp, Jen Dahl and myself presented a fast paced session about blogging.

Nic Hahn of Mini Matisse and myself with our blogger buddy Don Masse of Shine Brite Zamorano. Don sent his stand in little Han Solo to keep an eye on us silly girls! 

Another session I attended was Phyl Brown’s 
 “Design Your Art Program to 
‘Say Yes to the Mess’ ” 

Even after teaching for almost 20 years we learned so many helpful tips from this veteran teacher! Awesome session.

Of course Cassie Stephens session was standing room only. 
Are you surprised? 

 Blogger buddy Amy Zschaber from
had a great session for middle school teachers. 

And of course our blogger meet up at the
 Art of Education! 

What great fun with some crazy art teachers!

Now lets head on over for some 
awesome coffee!

Loved walking along the Mississippi River.

Finally, there is the fun art and architecture 
through out the city and French Quarter.

Next, a visit to the 

French Market and Farmer’s Market. 

 You can find everything, even the
 kitchen sink! 

Lastly, the famous Blue Dog Gallery!

And of course 

If you have never been to the 
NAEA National Art Convention, 
hopefully you will consider it! 

What a terrific time to recharge your teaching batteries and gather great ideas
 from others in your field.

Hope to see you in Chicago in 2016!

Keep creating
Laura :)