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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Hey Guys! 
Wanted to share that Teachers Pay Teachers is having a great sale! If you need anything hop over the shop and grab up some great deals! 

You can find all the great deals HERE at the shop!

Laura :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Join Art Scouts in OHIO!!!

Ok! So we heard ya loud and clear! You want more camps! 

So we decided to partner with the awesome Bowling Green State University and hold another Art Scouts camp.  If you are like me and need college credit to renew your license for teaching, then this is the place to go.  Not only will you be with some crazy art teachers, awesome facilities, good food and great art sessions, but you can also earn college credit. That’s right, I said college credit. The Tennessee camp at this time does not have college credit available.

The 2-day workshop is $250 and includes 4 different Art Scout leaders! Cassie Stephens your fiber arts queen, Ginger Pacer the clay guru, Jennifer Alvarado your printmaking guide, and me, Laura Lohmann, the painting and painted paper pro. There will be break out sessions for intense hands on learning so you’ll feel confident in teaching these arts to your students. Plus, we will have fun, cooperative group projects created throughout the camp.

College credit is available at an additional cost thru Bowling Green State University. Cost for  1 Credit  hour is  $405  (Undergraduate)  &  $450  (Graduate) This can be done by contacting BGSU here-  Guest Student

There are only 50 spots available and they are selling fast. You can purchase a spot via Paypal by following the UPCOMING EVENTS link at Make sure to complete your registration to be guaranteed a spot!
(Payment must be made at the time of registration. Registrations without payment are not complete. When purchasing, please be sure to follow the instructions and return to after the PayPal portion. This will finalize the registration and secure your spot.) Need more help- check out these directions. Make sure you select Ohio Camp. TN is SOLD OUT.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Calling All Scouts! All Art Scouts!

We Want You to Join The Art Scouts! 

Are you ready to get your hands in some good 
old fashion art materials? Do you love sweet tea? 

Well say no more! I am going back to Tennessee! 

That's right folks, yours truly is going to Franklin, TN to hang out with some great people who love teaching art! 
Along with me, Laura Lohmann, being a Art Scout Leader-  
here are the other inspiring Leaders:
Art Scout Leader- Cassie Stephens  
Art Scout Leader- Ginger Pacer 
Art Scout Leader- Jennifer Alvarado

Want to know more, well here are the details- 

That's right FOUR incredible, crazy art teachers what to share with you lots of projects to take back to your classroom! 

Need lessons that connect to fabulous 
Literature, Social Studies, Science and Math 
while really building your knowledge of art materials? 
earning some adorable Art Badges 

Say What? Art Badges!
 All in a fun inspiring camp atmosphere?

What cha waiting for! Sign up now at because spaces are limited!!!

See ya in Ohio!   Tennessee camp SOLD OUT!
Laura :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monet Monday! #2

I am itching to get out and plant some flowers 
but until then I will have my students paint some! 
This tempera and oil pastel project is such a vibrant lesson 
and the sunflowers make a beautiful display.

Grab this awesome lesson on SALE over at the shop-

 Today only!

Monet painted seven types of flowers for his still life works. Sunflowers were among his most popular subject matter. 

This project recreates the beautiful bouquet of Sunflowers that Monet famously painted as well as having children experiment with tempera paints and brushes.

Included in this 12-page digital lesson plan:
Step by Step full-color photo tutorials from the lesson
Art history of Monet paintings
Vocabulary Word Wall
Supplies needed for project
Options for students to use when creating flowers
Extension Projects for students to create in addition to main project
Student gallery
National Core Art Standards checklist

This project requires two 40-minute art sessions.

Enjoy the long daylight and paint some beautiful flowers!

Laura :)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

NAEA Chicago 2016

Painted Paper is hitting the road! 

Yes, I will be at the National Art Education Association 2016  in Chicago. I will be presenting a couple of workshops and of course attending workshops to get some awesome ideas. I’m also going to the wonderful Institute of Art and connecting with 5500 other Art Educators! Wowza! 

Here is a list of presentations I am involved in:


March 17- 12-12:50
Come Blog With Us - 
Three Art Ed Bloggers Share Tips and Tricks 
Phyllis Brown, Cassandra Stephens, Laura Lohmann 
Discover how to follow your passion through blogging, from three popular art education bloggers. Learn to use blogs to share ideas and make connections with the global art education community. Best Practice Lecture
McCormick Place/North Building/N426c/Level 4 

These are my awesome buddies who have such great knowledge of blogging! Check them out- Cassie Stephens  and Phyl Brown

March 17 1:30- 3:20
Viva, Vibrant, Mexican Folk Art and
Dia de los Muertos!
Explore Mexican Folk Art, Dia de los Muertos, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo—and the importance of cultural awareness. Create relief portraits using mixed media and elements of Mexican Folk Art such as colorful patterns and the abstraction of natural forms. Includes examples of student work and lesson plans.
Laura Lohmann, Ginger Pacer     Hands on Workshop- This is a ticketed event. 

Ginger of Paintbrush Rocket is co-presenting this workshop with me! So many cool and fun ideas will be presented.


March 18    1:00
Art of Education -Meet and Greet
Booth 221, Vendors Hall on Friday at 1:00

So excited to gather tons of ideas in one big happy place.
My bags are packed and the minivan is loaded to the top with swag for our hands on workshop!

You can always follow my adventures on Instagram too!
See ya soon!

Laura :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Van Gogh's Flowering Trees

Spring is here! Well at least in my art room. You know I am a huge nature lover. I mean I LOVE flowers, trees and landscapes, etc. I thought, why not introduce my primary students to
Van Gogh’s Flowering Trees.

Single Blooming Peach Tree

The first project, created by my creative 2nd grade artists, was inspired by the Peach trees that Vincent had seen in a local orchard. He loved the petals that floated in the air. My students created beautiful mixed media peach trees. 

Materials used in these paintings were tempera paints and oil pastels. The elements and principles of art focused on in this project are: tints, shades, texture, color and line, just to name a few. 

Blooming Almond Branches

This second project was created by my 1st grade students using mixed materials of tempera paints and oil pastels. This was such a simple project yet when displayed on darker paper they really are striking. 

In need of the full color details and directions?
 Now available in the shop over at 
Painted Paper

This 12 page digital pdf includes:
Step by step full-color photo tutorials for each lesson
Historical background information about Vincent Van Gogh
Full color images of his paintings that inspired the art projects
Learning objectives for each art lesson
Vocabulary for each art lesson 
Supplies needed for each project
Helpful tips
Student galleries for both projects

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Thanks for stopping by and for letting Painted Paper be your top destination for art lessons. 

Keep on Creating!
Laura :)